Abbe’s Senior Session

I can even begin to describe how much I love every image from Abbe’s session. Now you know why I will never say no to a session at the beach! haha!

Abbe and I have been friends since middle school and If I’m being honest, I didn’t plan on blogging this session. When she asked me to help her with her senior pictures, I just figured we would hang out at the beach like we always do, But they all came out SO good that I was like, I just HAVE to blog these!

We are both graduating with our bachelors in education in a couple months, and I love having a close friend in the same major as me! We’re also both getting our Masters next year since we’re essentially in the same program.

Shoots like this are so special to me, and I really loved getting the chance to take these pictures for her. Even though it was overcast and cold, we had such a great time. Enjoy viewing some of my favorites!

  1. Elizabeth Faulkner says:

    I love these! The model and the photographer are both amazing young women!! Beautiful job ladies!!

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