Annabelle’s Senior Session

This shoot was honestly so special to me. I met Annabelle when she was in elementary school! I was only 16 years old working after school at a local daycare where I met her, her mom, and her grandma. (Seriously her entire family is just the best!) I worked with her mom a lot at the school, and she would always come and hangout during school vacations!

The fact that she’s now a senior in high school absolutely BLOWS my mind! Like seriously where has the time gone?!! It feels like yesterday she was going into the 7th grade and now she’s looking at colleges!!!

I’m lucky enough to actually see Annabelle almost every day right now! I am currently working in the art department at her high school, and it’s been so cool to see her everyday as she navigates her last year. She’ll pop in my class every now and then and we always end up chatting.

I could go on and on about how special this girl is, and how cool these photos are. They totally showcase her personality and we had so much fun taking them! During her session, she mentioned that she might want to take some child development classes at college which is so fitting for her! She was a natural with the little kiddos at the daycare and I’m honestly so excited to see what the future holds for her! I know it will most definitely be a bright one!

  1. Amber says:

    Ahh Morgan you are the absolute best! We adore you and you have always been a role model for Annabelle since she first met you! As her mom, I couldn’t have picked a better one for her! Thank you for your kind words and even kinder heart for taking her under your wing. We appreciate you so much!!

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