Bringing a Dog to Your Engagement Session

Every now and then I’ll get a request from some of my couples if they can bring their furry friend to their engagement session. 

My answer to this will always be yes! Including your dog in your pictures is a very cute and unique way to make your portrait stand out, but I will say your dog definitely does not want to stay the entire session. (Especially because my sessions can go past an hour sometimes!)

They get very tired and bored quickly and they would much rather be playing or relaxing in the comfort of their own home. Not only that, but finding places to put them while we’re taking pictures is hard and can get a little stressful. 

To make it as stress free and easy as possible here are six tips:

  1. Bring a family member or friend

If my couple is choosing to bring their dog to their session, I always like to start with the dog first. We’ll Grab some shots of you two with the dog, and some individuals of the dog. Then a family member can take them and bring them home. I’ve done this for multiple sessions and it works perfectly every time!

  1. Walk them before your session

By taking your pup on a quick walk beforehand, this tires them out just enough so that they’re not jumping around like crazy during your pictures. Most dogs get really excited when they’re in a new place meeting new people, so by draining their energy just a little bit before your session is always a great way to make sure that they are not too energetic.

  1. Consider bringing treats or a toy

Hearing their favorite toy or seeing a treat can help grab the dog’s attention and get them to look at the camera! Afterwards they can get rewarded for doing such a great job!

  1. Let your photographer know ahead of time

Like I said before, I will always allow dogs at my sessions but it is definitely helpful to know beforehand that you’re planning on bringing your puppy. This way I can be fully prepared and I can double check the location that we’re going to to make sure dogs are allowed!

  1. Consider getting a simple leash

Having a streamlined leash or collar on your dog will put the focus back on you two and not on the collar. Bold patterns and crazy colors normally can become a little distracting so a simple black or white collar normally works the best! 

  1. Add some accessories

Dressing up your puppy for your engagement session is always the cutest idea! I’ve seen bandannas, bows, flower crowns, and so much more! You can get really creative with this, and it makes for the most adorable pics!!!

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

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