Morgan  Hope


1. What's the Hype?

I'm the first one to say that digital photos are awesome! They can easily be shared, and it's insanely easy to access them.

But seeing your photos in an album format is such a different experience than scrolling through your gallery on your phone


2. What's the Hype?

I'm OBSESSED with these albums. (Like obsessed is an understatement.) Everything from the spreads to the quality is perfection

I'm all for printing your photos out to display around your house. But adding in a book format that will last for generations to come and something your kids can flip through is unbelievably special. 


3. What's the Hype?

I'm all about the experience and I want to make sure my clients have the BEST one possible. 

When you add on an album to your package... you'll receive my custom design guide to walk you through the creation process!


4. What's the Hype?

A heirloom album is something that

-You can show your kids one day. (I still look through my parents book!)
-Won't get lost through all the files on your computer
-Is a beautiful keepsake from one of the best days of your life that you can easily pull out and relive over and over.


Cover and Sizing Options

My clients have the option between a linen or leather cover, and also can choose between a 10x10 book, or an 8x8.

The Quality

These albums don't even compare to a shutterfly or vistaprint book

My albums are created in a lab that only professional photographers have access to.

These super high quality albums are made with a special ink which means accurate colors and no fading images... And the pages are super thick so no need to worry about bending or tearing.

Hear From Past Brides

But Don't Take My Word For It...

Hear From Past Brides

But Don't Take My Word For It...

Hear From Past Brides

But Don't Take My Word For It...

Want to know the BEST Part?!

I'll take care of Everything!

I work 1 on 1 directly with my brides to make sure their album is exactly the way they want it.

I put together the initial first design and send it over for you to review. Then you can swap out images, add spreads, etc.  

Most of the time my albums only go through one minor revision before they're ordered and delivered directly to my clients door!

MHP Luxury Albums


-30 pages (15 full spreads) filled with your Favorite memories 
-Option of leather or linen cover
-Storage box for safe keeping
-Shipping directly to your door
-First design round on me!

*BOOKING BONUS!!!!! If you add an album onto your proposal at signing, receive a 10% discount!

Quoted at: 1600
Your Investment: 1440

Let's Create Your Heirloom Album!

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