Kristen and Warren | Engaged

Oh my you guys!!! This session was one for the books! 

While I was on my way to their session, I saw a huge dark rain cloud that kept lingering overhead. I checked the weather once I pulled in, and the chance of precipitation was 5%. After we found a location where the light was good, I swear we got through a handful of poses and it started pouring rain! We had to run back to our car and wait 15 minutes for it to clear. (Welcome to New England hahah!) 

Thank GOODNESS it was just a passing shower, but afterwards we had a rainbow and the prettiest glow ever!!! You can also see the specs of rain in a couple photos which I actually LOVE!!!!

Despite the crazy start to the session, these two embraced it all and just went with it! I loved their spunky, upbeat personalities and how cute they were together! These two are actually getting married in the next couple months! I can’t wait for their wedding because I can already tell the photos are going to be phenomenal!!!

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

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