Lydia and Nick | Engaged

Engagement sessions on a weekday, after Labor Day, when theres not a soul on the beach, and you have perfect weather. 


When we first got out of the car, I could see the excitement radiating off both of them… especially Nick! He was so excited and told me how pumped he was for this which literally made my day! I don’t get many grooms that are as excited for photos as he was. Talk about a GREAT way to start off a session!

Before we officially started, I looked over some of their outfits that they brought, and helped coordinate which ones would photograph the best. Nick told me that he read the bridal guide I sent over to make sure he was wearing the right colors, and that comment alone made my day. Normally just my brides read the guide, but when I have grooms that get into it, and take into consideration details like that, it makes everything so much easier! (They picked PERFECT colors and textures that were unique and complemented each other so so well! I was so proud.)

Lydia’s second dress was forgotten at home, so her brother ran it over to her and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to jump in some of their engagement portraits. You know I had to blog these! 

Lydia and Nick have one of the cutest stories I have ever heard. They both met in 4th grade when they were 10 years old! They ended up becoming best friends and have been together all throughout high school, and college. Not to mention… their 4th grade teacher is the one marrying them! Like… come on! How cute!

But it gets way better…

A couple weeks before school started, parents and students got to go into the school and see the classroom, meet their teacher and other students, etc. Nick saw Lydia from across the room, turned to his mom and said, “See that girl over there? I’m gonna marry her.”

Does it get any better than that?!!!! It was literally love at first sight!

Lydia and Nick… you two are seriously THE CUTEST!!! You both were such a joy to be around, and your pictures speak for themselves! I am so excited I get to be a part of your adorable love story! Your wedding is going to be freaking awesome!!!!

Enjoy reliving your engagement session! 

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

  1. Anne Dalecki says:

    Pure Love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Absolutely wonderful 😘

  2. Moira McIntire says:

    Fantastic photos of a stunning couple! ❤️

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