You Just Got Engaged! Now What?

When it comes time to start planning your wedding, a lot of newly engaged brides think to themselves… “Where do I even start?”

There’s so many thoughts and ideas that start racing through your mind, and then all of a sudden, your to-do list is a mile long. So let’s break it down shall we? Here’s four tips that will make the first part of planning a little easier. 

First of all, take some time to soak it all in! Enjoy the moment and the excitement that comes from getting engaged. 

Then start to think about the style, vibe, and aesthetic you want your overall day to look like. Brainstorm different styles and themes like rustic, elegant, modern, timeless, bohemian, glamorous, romantic, garden, fairytale, etc. Start Pinteresting these, and really hone in on what you want yours to look like! 

  1. Decide on a Date

Once you have an idea of the style of your wedding, first things first is to select a date! Give yourself ample time to make sure everything will come together. There is nothing worse than not giving yourself enough time for planning and preparation, and then rushing to get everything done. Most wedding vendors book a year or two out anyways, so I would give yourself a good year or two. Trust me this will reduce stress by a TON! 

  1. Select a Venue

Okay, you have a date, now it’s time to choose your venue. Once you get this part checked off the list, in my opinion, everything else starts to fall into place. I would definitely put a lot of time, energy, and effort into doing your venue research. Set up calls, ask questions, and tour the property! Some venues have a lot included in their packages, where others don’t. I would look at your budget, see which one matches your style, and which venue will give you the most out of your experience! You’ll know when it feels right! 

  1. Find a Planner/Coordinator 

Depending on the size and budget of your wedding, you might want to consider hiring a planner or a day of coordinator. Now, not every wedding needs a planner. Especially if you’re doing a really small and intimate wedding. This is definitely more of a personal choice if you want one or not. But I will say, the weddings that did have one were great! Everything was taken care of way beforehand, and all the details came together so perfectly and effortlessly. This is another GREAT way to take more of the planning stress off your shoulders, while still being super involved. If you need some recommendations, I know some awesome coordinators!

  1. Book Your Photographer!

You have a date, and venue secured. It’s starting to get real! Now is the time to start reaching out to your dream vendors to make your vision become a reality. Yes, I may be a little biased, but I truly feel like booking your photographer should be a TOP priority. They are the one vendor that will be with you ALL day long, and it’s one of the only visual elements you’ll have that preserves the memories of your day. I would start by making a list of what is important to you with your wedding photos. Obviously make sure you love the style and quality of their work, but also ask yourself things like…What qualities would you like in a wedding photographer? How do you want your photos to make you feel? Do you want someone who is hands on and guides everyone or hands off and lets the moment happen? Do you like candid and genuine moments, or styled and editorial shots, or maybe even a mix of both? 

I know a lot of this can become overwhelming just because there’s so much to think about, but if you take it one step at a time, I know you’ll be able to put together the wedding of your dreams!

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

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