Why You Should Print Your Photos

Print your photos! Print every single photo! 

I always always always encourage my clients to print their pictures. There is something SO special and different seeing your photos in print instead of viewing them on your phone screen. You invested a lot of time and effort into these photos, so why wouldn’t you want to show them off? 

Don’t get me wrong, digital photos are awesome. You can share them easily between family and friends, and they’re super convenient. 

But technology is constantly evolving, and it’s always a good idea to protect your photos in different ways. 

Remember when everyone used to deliver photos on DVDs? 

That’s how everyone stored their photos. I still have tons of DVDs with old photos on them. But now computers are being made without a DVD slot and it’s getting more and more difficult to view them. 

When you book with me, whether it be for your wedding or a portrait session, I am constantly reminding my clients to backup their photos in multiple places so you have various copies of your gallery. 

When you receive your final gallery, the first step is to back up the entire gallery on two separate harddrives (you need two just in case one crashes).

Then you can start printing!!! My gallery company is hooked up to a high quality, professional print lab where you can order prints that get delivered right to your door! You can order so much from your online gallery whether it be canvases, prints to keep in a nice box, or my personal favorite, an album! 

The one thing I always want my clients to be aware of is, if you choose to print at places like Walmart, CVS, or any drugstore… The color and overall print quality of these photos will not match the look of the pictures in your gallery. The colors could be WAY off and be super dull, dark, or way too light. 

Bottom line is I am obsessed with printing photos, and I have prints hung up all over my house. I want you to print your photos just as much as I want you to back them up! Because trust me it’s 110% worth it!

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

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