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Every now and then I’ll get a request from some of my couples if they can bring their furry friend to their engagement session.  My answer to this will always be yes! Including your dog in your pictures is a very cute and unique way to make your portrait stand out, but I will say […]

When it comes to looking your best in a photo… I would say 90% of that comes from confidence with posing! If you feel like you’re in a forced or super unnatural pose, It’s going to show in your images.  I help all of my clients feel confident af in front of the camera, but […]

There are SO many locations in New Hampshire for engagement sessions that I absolutely adore! I’ve photographed lots of couples over the years in so many different locations.  Some couples have some ideas of where they would like to go and others don’t… and that is completely okay!  I help all my couples with location […]

When it comes to picking out outfits for your portrait session, it can become super confusing and overwhelming really quick. Even I used to have trouble picking out outfits because I didn’t know where to start.  I would stare into my closet and start throwing things together… literally. I took everything I owned, threw everything […]

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