Five Tips to Look Great in Every Photo

When it comes to looking your best in a photo… I would say 90% of that comes from confidence with posing! If you feel like you’re in a forced or super unnatural pose, It’s going to show in your images. 

I help all of my clients feel confident af in front of the camera, but just to give you that extra little boost, here’s five tips I use at every single session that is guaranteed to work each time! 

  1. Pop the leg closest to the camera

This is a pro tip for all the girls! I can’t take a photo without doing this, and I use it at every session. You always want to do a little toe tap with the leg closest to the camera. When you pop your leg, it shifts all your weight to the back. I can guarantee you every time you go to take a picture, you’re going to subconsciously remember the toe tap!

  1. Hands in pocket or on hip

One of the biggest questions I get asked at every session is…What am I supposed to do with my hands? For guys, I always say hands in pocket with your thumb out. It’s natural and easy. I always tell my grooms that unless I tell you to do something specific with your hands, they’re most likely always going to be in your pocket. When in doubt… hand in pocket always! 

Girls can put just their thumb in their front pocket, or a hand on the hip. I always go for hand on the hip just because it works great every single time!

3. Angle slightly away from the camera

I recommend that girls slightly turn their body to the side.  Doing this gives you more curves and this creates the illusion of a smaller waist. I always say to angle your shoulders and hips away from the camera. It makes a huge difference! 

For guys, it’s actually the opposite. Guys want to face the camera head on. It gives that look of broad shoulders. Just remember to stand up straight and no hunching over!

4. Bend forward from the waist

My couples can attest to this trick! There have been numerous times where I ask my couples to slightly lean towards me from their waist. It helps you look slimmer, and places your chin at a perfect angle so you can connect with the camera better. Trust me, try this and thank me later!

5. Don’t be afraid to move around

If all else fails, move around! Movement shots always look so natural and candid! You can walk towards or away from the camera, laughing and smiling. These photos always turn out to be some of my all time favorites! Just have fun with it!

Above all else, make sure you trust your photographer! Personally, I am EXTREMELY picky with all my clients. (This is a good thing believe me!) I want to make sure my clients look and feel their best! If there is a single strand of hair that is out of place, I’ll either tell you or fix it for you! I can guarantee you’ll look amazing! 

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

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