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Timeline Tips: Getting Ready

March 20, 2022

OK you guys this blog post is arguably one of the most important blog posts you can read when it comes to getting ready for your wedding day.

I have seen timelines get thrown hours off schedule because of pre ceremony prep issues and there is no need for that! This part of the day should be relaxing where you can hang out with your family and friends while sipping on mimosas. If things are organized and well laid out beforehand, not only can we stay ahead of schedule, but you’ll get drop dead pre ceremony portraits! I can guarantee that!

Here are some SUPER important tips to follow:

  1. Flowers

Bouquets and bouts need to be delivered to the getting ready space! Your florals are used a lot in your detail photos, and let’s be real… you invested a lot of money in your flowers and we need your bouquet for your portraits after you’re in your dress! Also if your florist has any extra leftover stems, I love to use those in your bridal details pictures!

  1. Details Box

Make sure all of your bridal details are collected in one area so when I show up I can grab the box and start your details! There is nothing worse than having your bridal details be scattered all over the place, and then it takes an extra 15 to 20 minutes to gather everything. Lay everything out the night before so you’re well prepared the next day! If you’re not sure what to include in your details box check out this blog post.

  1. Getting in the dress

I’m going to have you get in your dress in a room with the most natural light as possible. So if there’s a really big window or an area with the most light, clear that area out of any furniture or distractions, and try to get rid of any trash. We don’t need any water bottles in our pictures, am I right?! Also if you want your mom or your bridesmaids included in the pictures of you getting in your dress, they should get dressed as soon as their hair and make up is done! I would also suggest waiting to put on perfume, your shoes, and jewelry so I can photograph that!

  1. Hair and Makeup 

I could honestly tell you some horror stories of hair and makeup running too late and not having enough time for pre-ceremony portraits. This is totally avoidable! I encourage my brides to have their hair and make up basically done by the time I show up. For example if you’re scheduled to get in your dress at three, your hair and makeup should be done by 2:30 the latest! Or if we decide I’m scheduled to start shooting at 12:00, hair and make up needs to be done by 11:30. It’s better to be early than running super late! Not only that, but who wants pictures without their hair and makeup done? Nobody!

  1. Travel and cushion time

When I help you create your wedding day timeline, I always try to add in 10 minutes of buffer time here and there just in case things get thrown off schedule. Believe it or not, that little bit of wiggle room can honestly be a huge game changer! Also if there is travel time between the getting ready location and the venue, make sure everybody is aware of that travel time beforehand because this is another reason why things start running late! People don’t account for traffic, and then things ultimately get pushed behind schedule. Make sure to think about that and add driving time into your timeline! 

  1. Wooden hanger for your dress

A wooden or decorative bridal hanger is so so much better than a cheap, two cent plastic hanger. Let’s be real…Nothing cheapens the look of a beautiful gown than a crappy plastic hanger. Sorry someone had to say it lol. This is another element of your day that you invested a lot of money in, so by making sure that your dress is displayed on a nice wooden hanger will make the biggest difference in your photos! Trust me! (You can get really beautiful ones customized to your day off Etsy for like $20!)

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

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