Jessica + Louie

From the second I got to the getting ready location for Jess and Louie’s wedding day, I immediately knew this blog post was going to be a long one and a freaking GOOD one! (And you’ll see why! These photos are just breathtaking!!!)

Jess put so much thought and effort into all the details and little aspects of her day… and boy did it show! We had a huge room with floor to ceiling windows for her detail photos and her preceremony portraits. She told me she booked that room specifically because she knew the light was going to be amazing for her pictures.

Guys… I just about died! And it’s probably the reason the first half of the blog post is getting ready pictures.

 I mean just look at how the photos turned out! There really is nothing better than a getting ready suite with a ton of natural light and space. I seriously could have photographed in that room all day! This is just one of the many reasons why I flipping love these two so much!

We then moved on to the ceremony location and oh my word… I don’t think I’ve ever been in a more beautiful church. I didn’t even think we had churches in New England that looked like this! Their ceremony was very traditional and super sweet! When they were finally pronounced husband and wife, it was one of the best moments of the entire day!

By the time we were ready for portraits, we had super high energy and fantastic glowy light! We were probably 5 minutes into photos when I was throwing my hands in the air and squealing. My fabulous second shooter Christine even looked at Jess and Louie and said, “Oh jeez guys she’s getting excited already.”

But I mean can ya blame me?! Their photos truly speak for themselves!

If I had to pick one word to describe their day it would be epic. It was evident they were just excited to finally become husband and wife! I don’t think for a second they stopped laughing, joking, and enjoying their time together. Jessica’s mom even started calling me Morgie towards the end of the night, and it honestly made my heart so happy! I felt just like a part of the fam! It was such an honor to be there celebrating with them.

Jess and Louie, thank you times a million for allowing me to be the one to photograph your wedding day! It honestly was amazing to say the least, and I am insanely happy for the two of you!

I can’t wait to go get margaritas soon! But until then, enjoy your honeymoon and your highlight reel of my absolute favorites! Love you guys!

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

  1. Carol Austin says:

    Stunning, breathtaking, gorgeous, beautiful…..Congratulations Jessie and Louie ❤️

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