Hannah and Mike’s Family Session

This beautiful new family of three is live on my site and I couldn’t be happier to share some photos of Hannah and Mike, and their precious little baby girl Elliston!

My first encounter with Hannah and Mike was at the wedding of Mia and Greg. They’re all super close friends, so when Hannah reached out, I was so pumped to be the one capturing their first couple weeks of becoming parents! 

We instantly connected, and formed a bond after talking about so many things from Mia and Greg’s wedding, her birthing experience, and I even found out she knows a ton of my close friends too! Such a small world! 

As we entered the studio, I saw the amazing soft light that filled the entire room, and I knew we were going to get the cutest photos! Baby Elliston, a mere few weeks old, was the best little model I could have asked for. From the moment we began the session, Elliston was a beacon of calmness, sleeping peacefully throughout. It was as if time had paused, allowing us to capture these precious moments without disturbance.

Every photograph taken during this session screamed of tenderness, affection, and an overwhelming sense of love. As Hannah and Mike cradled their little one in their arms, their eyes lit up with so much joy. The loving glances exchanged between them spoke volumes about the unbreakable bond they share as parents. It was the best!

Hannah and Mike’s family photo session was a remarkable experience that showcased the incredible love they have for each other and their newborn baby girl, Elliston. It was such a privilege to witness and capture these precious moments. I am so excited to finally be sharing these on the blog. View more of all the cuteness below!

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

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