Brittany + Alex

What a beautiful day with NO rain!!!!

Finally, we got a break from the rainiest summer ever, and celebrated Brittany and Alex’s day with full sunshine!

The last time I saw Brittany and Alex was forever ago! Their engagement session was in June of 2022, so watching them get to finally say I DO over a year later was awesome!

This day was not only picture perfect, but it was incredibly easy! Each event flowed into the next so seamlessly it barely felt like work! Their timeline was so well thought out, that we were able to take nice long breaks in the AC so by the time we got to the ceremony, everyone was ready to rock and roll! 

This ceremony was adorable and super cute. The small lawn they got married on was adorned with simple white chairs, and a wooden arch that had a small floral arrangement on it. It didn’t need much decorating considering the background overlooked the golf course with a big pond and fountain. As the couple exchanged vows, I made sure to capture each tear, each smile, and each heartfelt promise, knowing that these fleeting moments would be cherished for a lifetime.

I take my job as a wedding photographer very seriously, and one of my top priorities is making sure each of my couples timelines are very specific to their day. I organize each timeline personally so that no one feels rushed day of, and so the newlyweds can maximize their time with family and friends. Brittany and I spent a lot of time going through all her details prior to, which is one of the main reasons why I think her day was so easy! 

As the sun was setting, I had the opportunity to grab the two for some sunset photos (something I think every couple should opt for during their day!)

The golden hour provided the perfect backdrop, casting the prettiest glow on Brittany and Alex as they strolled hand in hand. These photos are always my favorite because the light is just phenomenal, but these are also some of their first photos together officially as husband and wife, which I think is super cool!

We ended the night with an insane firework display, and those photos speak for themselves! Thank you again Brittany and Alex for choosing me to capture the start of your forever! 

I’m so excited to share these images with you!!!

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

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