Jackie + Alex

In the magical world of weddings, there’s so many love stories that stand out as unique and awe-inspiring. And let me tell you…Jackie and Alex’s wedding day, and story was just that.

From the moment I zoomed with Jackie and Alex a year ago, I knew right away their day was going to be very special. We ended up chatting about so many things that I knew this was a wedding I definitely didn’t want to miss. It turns out that Jackie and I were in the same education program at the University of New Hampshire. We both shared that love for education and started talking about the classes and professors.

As we were going back and forth, I couldn’t help but notice that Alex looked familiar to me. As Alex and I started chatting, we quickly realized we went to middle school together. I even got to see my old middle school art and Spanish teacher at the wedding! It was so awesome!

The entire day was filled with heartfelt moments, and so many intricate details that made my photographer heart leap for joy!

Jackie and Alex’s love story began in high school, where they both met in the theatre program. They shared their first kiss during their senior prom, and the rest was history. Despite being in a long-distance relationship during college and Alex’s recent deployment… their commitment to each other only grew stronger, and their love became a shining example of resilience and dedication.

One of my favorite parts of the day was during their ceremony when they were exchanging vows and promises to one another. While Alex was away, they had to navigate the emotional complexities of being apart, while nurturing their love from afar. Their unwavering support for each other and the ability to communicate openly proved that their bond can truly endure anything. The experience taught them the true essence of commitment, making them a super strong couple ready to face any challenge that life threw their way.

The ceremony and overall day was a beautiful blend of personal touches, meaningful traditions, and some gorgeous details. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how beautiful their first look photos are? Alex pulled Jackie in close, gave her a huge hug, and didn’t let go. It was the SWEETEST thing!

One of my closest planner buddies Liv did a truly amazing job putting everything together! The theme of their day totally reflected the couple’s personalities and shared experiences. This day had been a long time in the making, and this couple deserved nothing but the best on their day!

I had the amazing privilege of capturing moments of pure joy, love, and bliss throughout the entire day. As I photographed Jackie and Alex, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by their commitment to each other. These two have been through the wringer, from distance, deployment, and more.

But it seemed like there was nothing that could break these two apart, and family and friends attested to that during their speeches. 

Jackie and Alex’s wedding day was an unforgettable celebration of love, resilience, and destiny.  Their story painted a beautiful picture as a prelude to this day. It was an honor to capture the essence of their love story, one that will serve as a timeless reminder of the power of love and the beauty of enduring commitment. 

As Jackie and Alex begin their journey as a married couple, they carry with them the knowledge that their love had overcome adversity, and they’re ready to face whatever the future had in store for them, hand in hand.

Thank you so so much for choosing me to capture all these memories for you two. I am truly honored and I had so much fun catching up with both of you! Wishing you nothing but love, and happiness together!

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Eib!

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

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