Taylor and Denny | Engaged

As a photographer, there are certain locations that are just picture perfect every time, and Odiorne Point is definitely one of them! Right along the scenic coastline of Rye NH, it seriously provides the most beautiful backdrop no matter where you go. So when I had the opportunity to capture Taylor and Denny’s engagement session there, I knew magic was about to unfold.

Taylor and Denny, beyond being a stunning couple, embody the essence of models. I told them so many times they should quit their jobs and become professional models haha!

In my opinion, what truly elevated their engagement session to the top tier, was their meticulous attention to detail and their carefully curated outfits.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m all for the blues and seafoam greens, so when they showed up and I saw the most gorgeous color palette… I was super pumped!

The vibrant colors that make up Odiorne Park’s landscapes were beautifully complemented by the soft pastel hues, and the dreamy summer sky. 

Everythhing blended seamlessly with the lush greenery, making these photos super easy on the eyes.

One of the best things about this park is the fact that it offers a diverse range of landscapes, allowing us to capture all the gorgeous variety I love! 

Their adventurous spirits totally shined  through as they strolled hand in hand, exploring every nook and cranny, as if discovering a hidden treasure. They climbed in the weeds for me, and even ventured down onto the rocks for some epic coastal shots.

Taylor and Denny’s engagement session was merely a glimpse into the captivating love story they share. As their wedding day approaches, I am genuinely super excited, knowing that capturing their special day will be an effortless joy. And when I say effortless, I mean super effortless!

As a photographer, it is moments like these that remind me why I fell in love with capturing love stories in the first place. Taylor and Denny, thank you for entrusting me to document your journey, and I cannot wait to witness the magic that unfolds on your wedding day.

ALLL the favorites are below! 

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

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