Amy and Patrick | Engaged

July 16, 2023

I’ve talked about my love for engagement sessions many times. It’s such an exciting opportunity for couples to capture their love and anticipation before their big day. There’s also so so many benefits to doing one… Like getting comfortable in front of the camera, figuring out which poses you like and don’t like, and so many other things!

When Amy and Patrick’s engagement session in Boston faced an unexpected hurdle due to tight schedules and a forecast predicting a 100% chance of rain, little did they know that this twist of fate would lead to a super memorable and creatively inspiring experience.

Life doesn’t always go as planned, and that was certainly the case for Amy and Patrick’s engagement session. That’s actually been the case regarding the weather all summer long. 

Despite the unfavorable weather forecast, rescheduling was not an option due to both of our busy schedules. These two took off work and flew in from Pittsburg for this session, so we were doing it no matter what! 

Instead of letting the rain dampen their spirits, Amy and Patrick rolled with the weather and we were able to create some images that turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself!

As a photographer, adapting to unexpected circumstances is part of the job. Nothing really ever goes according to plan, but something I love about it is being able to be creative and come up with a Plan B. 

With the way everything was playing out, it really made me turn up my creativity switch, and see what I could capture for them with the little timing we had. 

We had little to no light due to the dark clouds above us, and once the downpours started, I figured I would try out a different look and feel for the images. The vibe for that film/old school look popped into my head, so I figured let’s give it a go.

The rain gave the photos a sense of beautiful, old school, romance that added an extra element to their photos that I loved!Add in the black and white umbrella in addition to their perfect outfits, and you have a match made in heaven!

They strolled through the wet streets of Boston, hand in hand, without a care in the world. With genuine smiles and laughter, their joy radiated for the next hour of photos, and we were able to capture the true magic of their connection against the backdrop of rain-kissed streets and glistening city lights.

The spirit and energy displayed by Amy and Patrick during their engagement session only heightened my anticipation for their upcoming Newport wedding. Their carefree attitude and ability to find joy in any situation set the stage for an unforgettable celebration. The more time I spent with them, it became clear that their wedding would be a blast to attend, filled with laughter, love, and an atmosphere of pure happiness.

I’ll see you two in a couple of short weeks, but for now, here’s my faves! 

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

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