Cassie + Justin | Engaged

August 4, 2023

Get ready for a stunning, storybook engagement session featuring Cassie and Justin!!!

As a photographer, this location will never get old for me considering there’s so many places to go, and it seems like every time I find another cute little spot to take some pictures.

We started the session in a garden that had fountains, flowers everywhere, and whimsical trees. Vibrant flowers of every hue adorned the landscape, surrounding the couple in a burst of natural beauty. The enchanting setting complemented their genuine affection, making it effortless to capture their love in its purest form. The soft sunlight filtering through the foliage added a touch of magic to every frame, making the images truly dreamlike. It doesn’t get much better than that!

After they changed into their second outfit, we walked across the street to what looked like a beautiful old New England coastal town. The narrow gravel streets, and historic buildings gave the photos a nostalgic, old-timey type of romance vibe to them.

Against this picturesque backdrop, their love story seemed to intertwine with the rich history of Portsmouth, creating timeless moments to be cherished forever.

With the wedding day just around the corner, Cassie and Justin’s excitement was contagious. Every other photograph I kept, Cassie is dying laughing in them. Their love for each other was evident, considering they’ve been together for 14 years!

Witnessing the connection between couples and capturing the essence of their relationship is seriously one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. I love it so much I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop!

I cannot wait to see Cassie and Justin’s shinning faces in a few short weeks before I watch them commit to forever! 

View more of all the magic below! 

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

  1. Jerry Strokus says:

    This photo keepsake you have created is so touching and romantic. Hold onto the magical love that binds you today. You have found your dream. Cherish it and it will last the test of time. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.
    Much love,

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