Elizabeth + Nik

August 21, 2023

When it comes to sweet, down-to-earth couples, Liz and Nik take the cake. Their wedding day was a true testament to their love, simplicity, and the joy they bring to everyone around them. 

From exquisite details to epic portraits, the entire event was a flawless celebration of their journey together. 

I’m so super excited to share their highlight reel!

One of the remarkable aspects of Liz and Nik’s wedding was the seamless flow of the day. Hosting their wedding in a single location allowed for a relaxed atmosphere, ensuring that no one felt rushed, and that every moment could be savored. This was a totally genius choice by the bride and groom! It added an extra layer of ease and comfort to an already special day. And who doesn’t love cushion time on a day that can very easily and very quickly get out of hand. 

The day kicked off with an attention to detail that left everyone in awe. (Especially me! My brides know how I am with details!)

Liz handed me a bag filled with so many pieces that included a bunch of ribbon with her colors, and a custom wax seal. Little elements like that make me so excited to start the day off! Every aspect of this wedding showcased the couple’s impeccable taste. The air was filled with a sense of anticipation and excitement as guests arrived, all of them aware that they were about to witness something truly magical.

The magic continued as Liz and Nik ventured into their epic portraits right after the ceremony. With the mountains as their backdrop, you couldn’t have asked for anything better. It was immensely gratifying to run around this gorgeous property with these two. This day had been a long time coming considering I haven’t seen these two in over a year!

I do have to say, one of my personal favorite moments of the day was the way both Liz and Nik told me how efficient and smooth the entire process was for them. Nik said that everything was like a well oiled machine and that was exactly the way he wanted it. Of course no one wants to spend hours upon hours taking photos when you could be maximizing time with your guests… and that’s what we’re all about over here at MHP! 

The fact that they vocalized that to me confirmed that all the back end detail work is well worth it! I always want my couples to have the easiest time with this process, and little comments like that, seriously mean the world to me!

As the day concluded, surrounded by friends and family, Liz and Nik were the embodiment of happiness. Their wedding day was a reflection of their personalities—sweet, genuine, and full of love. Witnessing their journey and capturing their special day was a privilege that I couldn’t help but feel incredibly honored to be a part of.

So here’s to Liz and Nik, the newlyweds who remind us all of the beauty of simplicity and the power of love. Cheers to a love story that is just the beginning!

Thanks for Reading!

- Morgan

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